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I easily picked Practical Maniac because it was the only way to describe, well, me. And my guess is many of us fit under this category. We can be practical even through times of what can seem like maniac behavior. I was sitting one day looking back on some recent events brought on by my destructive yet intentional behaviors and thought…I am a practical maniac!!  We may not always be happy with our choices, but we should always own them. And if we believe in a higher power, which for me is The Lord Jesus Christ, good bad or ugly our choices  get us to the place we are meant to be.

I have brought much suffering on myself, my children, my family and my friends by choices I have made in life. I have struggled with self forgiveness and acceptance along with many other things.  It is true what they say, you are your own worst enemy. There is not one single soul in this world or beyond this world that can make you feel as bad as you can yourself.  I worry I will always have an eternal battle with myself, but I have hope that my   understanding and acceptance will get better. That God will show me grace when I am ready.

Practical maniac is also interchangeable for many areas of my life. I am a single (not for long!) working mom, as so many of us are. I have hopes and dreams and fears and struggles and just try to get through the day to day like everyone else. I hope to have you on this journey with me as we heal, grow and choose to forgive ourselves every day.


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